June/July Update

June/July Update

Its been really busy few weeks with lots going on at the club and the great run of weather has brought the golfers out onto the course in there dozens.

I’ve been unbelievably busy with lessons lately with new clients and returning clients taking advantage of the 3 x 45min Lessons for £50.00.

Ladies Group Sessions have been running as-well with all sessions been well attended so far for putting, driving and chipping.

I’ve played a very limited amount of golf myself but last week played in Bruce Lunn’s Captain’s Day at The Hirsel and had great game shooting 68 but sadly 35 putts is the story of my game.

My next event is a 36hole event at the Duddington at the end of July, so i hope to get some time to practice and get my own game ready before then.

That’s all for now, but remember and keep swing within your capabilities.